Senior Fees

Fee Structures are set at the beginning of each season.

Payment of Fees

Fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • ONLINE- It would be appreciated if you can pay online via direct debit when you register for the season.
  • IN PERSON: to the Registrar or Treasurer at our Club registration day
  • CREDIT CARD: payment via Credit Card can be made at the final stage of online registration.
    Note : Credit Card processing fees will apply
  • DIRECT CREDIT: you may pay via direct credit into our Bank Account. Contact the treasurer for details.

Club Equipment and the impact on fee’s

Please assist us by taking care of club equipment that is in your care.

The cost of lost or taken equipment can be significant for any club. Replacement jumpers and footballs are purchased at the end of each season to maintain team equipment kits. These are expensive and can contribute to significantly increased fee’s for everyone. Please ensure you return all club equipment after every match and training event.