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All registrations are now to be completed online.  You should visit the AFL Auskick Website for full details about Auskick or the clubs direct link for registration is here

Season starts Sunday 28th April 2024


Are you interested in volunteering and enjoying some quality time with your own kids while helping other kids learn the great game of Aussie Rules! Take a look through the Auskick Position Descriptions to see if there are any positions that you are interested in. There can be multiple people performing the same role (and we encourage that) and many of the volunteer positions can be done by older siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents or friends. There is no limit to who can volunteer!

If you have any other ideas for cool volunteer roles or would like to discuss any particular position in detail, please contact the Auskick Coordinator Pauric Doherty on 0450 997 007


Fees for 2024 are $170.00 and include

  • Registration
  • Auskick Pack [items can be selected a part of the registration process and are delivered direct from AFL HQ in the eastern states]
  • Club Guernsey
  • Team Photo
  • Participation Awards
  • End of Season Windup
  • All necessary Insurances

The Auskick Benefit Pack will be delivered direct to your postal address. It is essential you check all contact details and your address when you register. To enable this direct delivery from the AFL it is now a requirement to pay Auskick Fees on-line at time of registration.  If you are eligible for Kidsport, please ensure you have received your Kidsport Code first and have this ready to enter into the registration form.

Our club supports Kidsport, the Government initiative to assist qualifying Families with Fee assistance, for more information, see


Parents of Year 3 players, Auskick is limited to Pre-Primary to Year 2 players only and Starkick, our all Abilities program is for children aged between 5 and 16.  Please make sure that you are registering your children in the correct system/database by following the links for the specific year groups. 

Please be aware that due to the direct-to-participant nature of the Auskick pack, the AFL is not in a position to provide refunds for participants who register and pay for Auskick, including those who accidentally register in the Auskick system/database when their child should be registering for junior football instead. 

Once the parent pays the Auskick fee online, it automatically triggers the Auskick backpack to be produced and sent out to their address.  Clubs have the ability to refund the the club portion of the fee, however the $65.00 cost of the Auskick backpack that the AFL takes is non-refundable.

Please keep an eye on the Website, like our Facebook page as they are regularly updated with information about what is happening around the Club.

Auskick Coordinator 

Name:    Pauric Doherty
Mobile : 0450 997 007
Email : [email protected]

Auskick Session Times:

Auskick Sessions are held from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on Sundays at our home ground in Lakelands Park.
Auskick term dates : Season 2024 begins on Sunday April 28th and will run for approximately 12 sessions.

Black Socks and shorts/tracksuit bottoms are preferred but if your little ‘Auskicker’ wants to wear something else, we don’t mind. The intent is to just come along and enjoy it! Club shorts are available if required (check out our merchandise tab for more info). Footy boots are not required, kids can participate in trainers if preferred.

Auskick Frequently Asked Questions

Is there training for Auskickers?

No, there is no training for Auskick participants. Auskick sessions are all self contained in 1 hour on Sunday mornings at our home ovals in Lakelands

Do Auskickers need to wear football boots or a uniform?

No – there is no requirements for Auskickers to wear any kind of uniform or footy boots. On wet days the ovals can be a bit slippy so footy boots can help a little but they are not mandatory. There is no uniform for Auskickers, so they are free to wear whatever they are comfortable in. Remember Auskick Sessions do start at 8am on winter mornings so having a jacket or polo shirt can help them stay warm until they start running around.

Can Auskickers play into Year 3 Junior Footy

No, it is not possible for Auskickers to ‘play-up’ into Junior footy. Year 2 Auskickers do play as part of a Rookie Series where they get an introduction into Junior footy (against opposition clubs) for the last 4 rounds of the season before playing in a Rookie Series championship!